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    Here at Brady Medical Center we specialize in many different kinds of surgery. These surgeries range from the plain and simple mommy makeovers, Rhinoplasty, buttock lift, body lifts, and other familiar combinations. Always understand the in and outs of a certain surgery before pushing the final button.

    We pride our clinic with years of hard work and happy clients. If you would like you can quickly schedule a consultation or contact us for more information. Our rating is very high in numbers and our clients are always looking for newer procedures.

    The pricing and cost for our plastic cosmetic surgeries will vary depending on the type of operation is being performed. This also includes the different combinations which can make the price a bit higher. Overall our cost is not as hefty as other bigger clinics. We serve in a smaller area.

    We have partner sites with other health agencies like the ones who provide mommy makeover in hickory north carolina and those that are specific around that niche. There are other partner sites but if you need more information about them please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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